The Animal Centre

If you’re a pet lover we’ve got just the right thing for you. We’re home to one of South Devon’s great pet shops, Newton Pet, Aquatic & Reptile Supplies. They have a vast array of pet supplies for dogs and cats, small animals, fish, reptiles and birds (caged and wild). They also have live animals too, everything from a snake to a chinchilla (they do keep them well apart!). Click on the link for more.

Birds of Prey are magnificent birds of the wild, rarely seen in captivity. Unless, that is, you have the Devon Bird of Prey Centre on your doorstep. Come and see the gorgeous white plumage of the Barn Owl or marvel at the majestic grace of an Eagle. Owned and run by an expert falconer the Devon Bird of Prey Centre is a remarkable experience not to be missed. Click on the link for more.

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