The Garden Shed

You know the expression, ‘ it’s got to be in there somewhere’ well, that’s our virtual interpretation of the Fermoy's Garden Shed. It’s the part of the store that contains everything you need to grow those carefully tended plants, and some more.

On the Growing & Propagating shelf there are things like seeds, grow tunnels, pots etc, then on the shelf below you’ll find the Feeds & Composts (including compost bins – it’s a big shelf). To the right is the Watering shelf (everything from hose couplings to a computer watering system). On the other side of the shed are hand tools and power tools for the garden (secateurs to strimmers and hoes to wheelbarrows hanging on the wall) and around the corner are the gardening essentials: the items that no gardener would be without (how many types of twine are there?). Oh, and there’s a virtual chair to sit on. Phew, that’s a big shed!

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