Outdoor Plants

Take a walk around our huge plant area and you’ll soon realise - we love plants! Have a chat with a member of our plant team and you’ll find that we have some experienced and knowledgeable people working for us. Put the two together and you’ve got a great place to buy plants.

It’s a delight to experience; with lovely views across the rolling South Devon countryside it is perfectly situated to protect the plants from the harshness of the elements whilst allowing them maximum light all day. It is an area that is continually evolving with new plants arriving regularly (although it gets quieter in winter!).
Take a look at the different plant categories that we have available (phone or email us if you want to know about a particular variety):


Available throughout the year our changing range of Alpines come in 9cm and 1 litre pot sizes.


The majority of our bedding is Devon grown – regular deliveries ensure fresh, healthy plants at all times, and we have a large selection to choose from.


Look out for our Autumn and Spring bulb selections. We always have a large range of regular favourites as well as some new and different varieties.


Clad your walls, fences, pergolas and arches with a climber from our extensive selection. Chooses from Clematis, Honeysuckle, Wisteria and many, many more.


Choose from ground cover, bush and upright varieties in a range of colours and foliage textures. Our Conifers are dwarf or slow growing (ideal for containers) so there’s no chance of them overwhelming your garden.

Containers and Hanging Baskets

We have a range of planted containers and baskets available throughout the year. Many are planted by our own staff using fresh, seasonal planting and are an ideal way to quickly brighten a patio area or a bare wall.

Fruit Trees and Soft Fruit

We have British speciality grown fruit trees of all types including Mulberries, Quinces and Medlards. Then there’s our range of locally grown soft fruit to choose from such as raspberries, blackcurrants, jostaberries, tayberries and loganberries.


We carry a range of shrubs suitable as clipped or informal hedging. In late autumn we have hedging packs available, ideal if you have large areas to plant. Specialist hedging is available to order, just ask and we’ll do our best to find it for you.


Ideal for both the modern garden and the traditional style cottage garden our Herbaceous Perennials are mainly grown in the South West or come from a UK grower.


Grown by specialist herb nurseries in Devon our range encompasses the traditional to the slightly unusual. Sold in 9cm or 1 litre pot sizes.

Ornamental Trees

Good quality, UK grown trees for the small or large garden.


Nearly all of our roses come from a local supplier (he’s only a few miles away) who’s been growing roses for over 23 years, so they are really acclimatised to their native area. We also have a small selection from the famous David Austen.


We offer a wide range of competitively priced shrubs, many locally grown here, in Devon and from across the West Country, from the old familiars like Buddleia and Lavender to the less well known and more exotic Lotus Hirsutus.

Specimen Plants

For real impact choose a larger plant! We have a constantly changing range of Bamboo’s, Palms, Shrubs and Climbers as well as Olives and Topiary plants. We source from both the UK and Europe to ensure good quality stock at competitive prices.

Vegetable Plants

We offer a wide range of vegetable plants locally and UK grown in pots, strips or 12 packs. The range changes according to the season.

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